Steel plate treatment

Steel Sheet and Plate Descaling

Rolled steel products are used in many manufacturing fields. For corrosion protection and preservation, and for subsequent coating, their surfaces must be clean and free from rust or scale.

Steel sheet, plate and section descaling machines, otherwise known as roller conveyor machines, are designed for the mechanical descaling and/or preservation of steel surfaces in one pass.

Sheets and profiles are thoroughly blast cleaned and provided with a temporary corrosion protection coating. Along with the external transport unit, a preservation line consists of a pre-heating oven, a pass-through blasting machine, a painting unit and a drying tunnel with its associated slat conveyor

The process width of steel plate is 1-5 m.


Roller conveyor type

Single items and conveyor system can be chosen according to customers individual requirements

Protection of sheet metal and sections with a thin layer of basic coating in the storage and processing phase, basic color application before final color application. Procedure, based on cleaning of rusty surface in free-flowing cleaning machine and basic coloring in the automated coloring chamber, is automated, which provides reasonable economic benefits with large quantities and quality protection.