Pipe blasting

MRO offers pipe blasting equipment, as well as internal pipe blasters and external pipe blasters, to meet all cleaning needs for small or large diameter pipes, and for low and high capacities

Steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine

Steel Tube Shot Blasting Machine: It is widely used for metal rod, steel tube, petroleum, chemical, electric power industry. In the process of forming, processing, transporting and storing of the work piece, there will be oxide coating, rust, slag, dust, oil and others on the surface. The Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine can impose a strong shot blast on the steel pipe surface in the original state, to remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale, and thus obtain uniform metallic luster, to achieve a reasonable surface roughness, and improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect, protecting tube and extending use life of steel tube

External pipe blasters are available for pipes from 50 mm up to 2,800 mm, consisting of wear resistant housing with a system for pipe entrance and exit, abrasive recycling system, dust separation system, and strategically located blast turbines.

Internal pipe blasting

Shot blasting inside pipes usually demands special requirements to the treated surface. This is because the internal surfaces of pipes are made for that special purpose of transporting chemical liquids or for purposes within the oil and gas industry. The lifetime of the coating is usually of great importance, and therefore there are high demands for the preparation of it, before the second surface treatment takes place. With the right internal pipe cleaning equipment you make sure that the correct roughness and purity is present to meet the specifications of the item

Internal pipe blasters are available for pipes from 25 mm up to 1,600 mm



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